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  According to the difference between high and low strength, spirituality can be divided into nine levels: spiritual Christians, spiritual teacher, spiritual Quebec, Wuling, Ling Huang, Emperor Ling, Ling were, spirit of respect, Ling Xian.


  Among them, the spirit of the believers, spiritual teacher and spiritual devotions Quebec is called the primary, and Wuling to be called Emperor Ling Senior Intermediate devotional spirituality, as compared Ling were over.

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  And the Spirit of Quebec from the start, each level is divided into a heavy day nine heavy days, every level of promotion are difficult, extremely difficult.


  And on top of this nine levels, said there is a level that is supreme, exist only in legends of the Holy Spirit - the ultimate spirituality, the strongest on the continent, the Holy One, synonymous with the gods!


  Holy Spirit, above all the world, is known as a separate class of St. spirituality, is the most desirable of all spiritual existence, but for all creatures need to look up there.

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  But this is too vague, almost exclusively found in all spiritual heart, is a belief that is a dream.


  On the day the spirit of the continent, usually a child to the age of six will begin to try to feel the presence of aura, if feel the effort put into the body to absorb the aura, nourish the body, strong physique.


  Once Reiki can lead into the body, it would be regarded as spiritual believers, almost ten years can be a person.


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  With the continuous absorption of aura, physically fit, strong body Reiki, Reiki gradually formed a vortex, it becomes a guru.


  After that, continue to absorb the aura, and that aura swirls constantly compressed cohesion. The huge aura condensate real, and ultimately turned into a spiritual force seed, is the pinnacle of spiritual teacher.


  Qin Feng pubic region sinking golden ball is his spiritual power seeds, seeds through this spiritual power, can be transformed into spiritual power aura cast out. At the moment of spirituality than the average person to force several times, and can learn some spiritual technology, with spiritual power play, quite powerful.

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  After that, if you want to become a spiritual Quebec, you need to force the elements of perception between heaven and earth, and the absorption into the body, to a certain extent, it hardly is a heavy day spiritual Quebec.


  Like Aura general, elements nada difficult to find a naked eye, in order came to realize quite difficult, to be absorbed into the body more difficult.


  Often one hundred guru may not be able to be a spiritual Quebec, Quebec spiritual enough to see the difficult level of achievement.


  The Spirit of Quebec, is the real spiritual, devotional Avenue on took a crucial heels

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